Say NO to standard, cheap, flimsy, low peak event tents. Over the last few years or so, a ton of promotional tent and trade show pop up event companies have sprouted up. They offer very inexpensive signage, as low as $500 for a fully printed custom 10×10 tent. How is that possible? Although, we have no idea how this price is justified as it does not even cover our cost of quality products. Sometimes, we do get calls from prospects that have purchased a tent from such a company, but then they never hear back after making the payment. That’s when we come in and save the day. 

Yes, this recently happened with one of our clients β€œa muffin company” in Dallas, Texas. They were less than 8 days away from their event and called us on a Saturday. Yes, we happen to be open that Saturday. There is a reason sometimes when the price is too good to be true. It is possible that the company is a sham. Well, we not only turned around a stunning design within hours, but also produced and shipped the tent to the client in 5 days for their event that was 8 days away. Yes, we at Splash Tents, Inc., always like to keep that extra margin for error and to make sur that the client is not panicking about the tent along with other last-minute event details. 

We have also seen instances when a prospect has gone ahead and purchased a 10×10 custom tent with logos for $700-$800 elsewhere only a few months ago and calls us to tell us that the tent can no longer be set-up. The pull pin sliders have failed or broken. Or the colors of the tent did not match and that the company was off on the pantone or CMYK colors. 

Well, when you do call Splash Tents, Inc. for a trade show display or a custom branded pop-up tent or maybe just a simple standard printed table cover or a flag banner – one thing is certain. You get the best quality product with outstanding customer service. Plus, our products are not expensive but are very competitive when compared apples to apples. For e.g. our 10×10 Premium Splash Tent which is a custom event tent for outdoor events is only $1,297.×10-tent. This tent is usually $349 extra, but we offer this free upgrade to our clients since we want you to have the best looking and functioning tent for years to come. Yes, years to come. Even today, we get emails from our clients saying that they have been using our promotional printed tents for 4+ years and it is as good as new – it makes us so happy to hear that. 

If $1,297 is a bit too steep for you and you are a struggling or a start up business. No worries – we have a solution for you. Our economy indoor or outdoor event tent×10 is the right product for you. Although the name might sound too simple or standard – it is not! You get all the upgraded features in this tent. Plus, it is only $1,149. Add a custom table cover with logos for $329 and services and you are all set to go! You have a display that is under $1,500. 

Yes, we here at Splash Tents, Inc. are OBSESSED with our premium quality trade show products. OBSESSED with our customer service. OBSESSED with our designs. Simply click on to view a whole host of our products. They range from table covers, directors’ chairs and flags to large 10×20 size tents that are great for auto shows as well as for construction companies.

If you wish to scroll through our printed promotional tents, 10×10 custom tents by EZ Up say the Eclipse II 10×10 EZ Up canopy tent, please click here:×10-steel, want to add a 6ft table cover to the mix – and add a flag on top of the tent to complete the display –

Often, our clients will need a backdrop to take pictures. We love to customize the back wall in such a way that the clients products/services are displayed since this is prime real estate and the client sees it when they are under the tent. You want to make sure that you make use of that space under the tent which is the back wall or the 10ft backdrop with logos, a tagline or message the client has and their website. 

Here is an example of a backdrop that can easily be detached or attached to a tent and can also convert to a pipe and drape display for indoor trade show events.×8-premium-splash-tent

What should you expect from Splash Tents, Inc. in terms of the price of their tents? How much are your tents? Can a small business or a kettle corn company afford your tents?

Yes, our tents are very affordable, and we work with you on price and have different size tent options. We have tents as small as 5×5 for under $500. Yes, completely custom printed 5×5 pop up event tents for only $495. These tents are full bleed digitally printed – there are no set-up costs, placement costs or pass charges. We give you unlimited graphics with x-large logos and your message displayed over the tent in a way that makes a big impact and makes your brand stand out. 

If you are looking for a 10×10 tent for a tradeshow or an outdoor event, you can look at our Premium Splash 10×10 Tent with graphics. This tent is only $1,297. Usually, $1,499. If you are a small business and a little cost sensitive but are looking for a tent with all the bells and whistles and our premium digital graphics – we have a solution for you. You need to look at our 10×10 Economy Splash Tent which is only $1,149. Yes, in addition to this, you also get the free design our designers come up with after thoroughly looking at your website, social media, and collaterals. This design usually blows our clients away.

How much does your table cover or table runners’ cost? What material is it made up of? How do you place the graphics on? Is it heat transfer, screen printed or digitally printed?

Our table covers start from 4ft all the way to 8ft. We also make custom size table covers. If you have a certain table size in mind or have a custom sized table- you can send us the measurements and we can design and produce a table cover to fit your needs. Our 4ft table covers that are full bleed digitally printed i.e. the graphics are part of the fabric and don’t come off even when you run a blade through the fabric are $249ea. Our 6ft custom printed table covers are $329 and the 8ft fitted table coverings are $399ea. We also sell the loosely fitted table throws, they have more fabric as they are throws. The pricing of these printed table covers can be found in the link above. But they start at $299 (4ft) and go up to $449 (8ft). We do not offer screen printing or imprint printing, the reason being, this type of process is temporary or only lasts 1 year after which the graphics peel off and fade. We do not believe in such processes or things that last a short period of time therefore we don’t sell them. We will offer competitive prices even if you have a 1 color logo or a 2-color logo – no worries. We want you to have the best product and experience with us. Our clients have stayed with us over the course of 15 years (Since inception). We even today get calls from clients that have moved several companies but remember our service and the fact that we store artwork or files for 10+ years makes the ordering process seamless. 

How do I order a tent through you? What is the process like? How do I get started?

You can simply give us a call on 214.432.4025 or send us an email at [email protected] with your logo and website if you have one. If you don’t have a website but have a social media handle, please specify and the size you are looking for. If you don’t know the size of tent you are looking for, no worries. Our most common size for trade shows and outdoor events is the 10×10. 

Our designers work on a custom-tailored design for your brand which most of our clients are wowed by after which we go to production. If you have any edits or changes, we can do those too. No worries. If you have your own designer, we provide you with templates, and your designer can come up with a design and send us the templates. We then send you a sample of the design to approve. Once you approve the designs we go to print and the 7–10-day clock starts. Your order usually ships in under 2 weeks.

Ready to transform your marketing approach and captivate your audience? Head over to our website,, to explore a wider portfolio of successful projects. We invite you to take the plunge into the world of possibilities and see firsthand how a custom Splash Tent display can transform your marketing approach.

Don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts! We’re here to answer your questions, discuss your specific needs, and create a custom pop-up tent or tradeshow display that perfectly aligns with your brand. Reach out to us through any of the following methods:

Call us at 214-432-4025.

Email us at [email protected].

Visit our website,

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